Space Game

Feb 23 2013

Halldor and Simon run into each at the Nine Lives pub on Journey. They both lament being stuck on this moon without a ship or other options.

Upon leaving the pub to return to their respective inns, they run across a mugging in progress. Halldor sneaks up behind one of the muggers and manages to land a blow with his knife. Surprised, the two thugs flee, leaving behind their victim.

Simon searches the victims body and finds a datchip containing a trid and a packaged set of coordinates. Opening the trid reveals that the coordinates led to the wreck of the Dandu Monara, a ship of some kind that the man, Dorenn, believed held a great treasure of some sort.

Halldor and Simon then run into Khol Nim Vex, with whom they each had had separate run-ins before. They tell Vex of their plan to go scout out the Dandu Monara, and Vex offers his ship as trasnport.

Together the three leave Journey and travel to Lainoa, where the waypoints on the map point. They dock at the Beanstalk station and ride the monorails to the city Iss. In Iss, Simon finds that the rest of the map is corrupted and he can’t get the coordinates to resolve. Halldor goes out to find a data engineer to reconstruct the map, while Vex searches for gear for their upcoming journey.

Halldor finds Hoff’s Data Artistry, where he manages to get the rest of the map restored. Hoff, the engineer at the shop, informs him that the corruption seems to have been caused by an interrupted transfer which caused decoherence in some of the data’s qubits.

Meanwhile, Vex learns of the dangers of the Fog from a gear supplier. The party must buy special quicksuits to shield themselves from the Fog’s harsh effects. They also rent a vehicle to travel in.

Midway through their trek through the Fog, the party is attacked by a pair of sand lizards. The lizards topple the buggy, so the party must engage them. The lizards dispatched, the party then rights their vehicle and continues onward.

The party finally arrives at the location indicated on the map to find the wreck of a large vessel crashed against an outcropping of rocks. They scale the hull to find an opening and enter.

Inside, they make their way to the ship’s command center where they are assaulted by what appear to be possessed crew members. Halldor is almost possessed himself, but manages to resist. The party dispatches the attackers, but not before Vex sustains heavy wounds.

On the bridge, Halldor manages to reactivate the ship’s Intelligent Agent interface. The agent informs them that the Dandu Monara was on a mission to collect information from beyond the Bubble when it encountered an unknown disturbance. This caused increasing abnormalities in the crew’s psych patterns, until the ship’s control systems were compromised and it crashed on this world.

Concluding that the treasure Dorenn was speaking of in his message could possibly be the information that the Dandu Monara collected from beyond the Bubble, the party has now decided to attempt to recover the data from the ship’s main databanks.



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